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O2+ Car Cage Sterlizing Device

The elevator car space is narrow, the fan blows into the car, the car itself is not ventilated, and the shaft is dark and humid, and the air quality into the car is relatively poor, so adding UV and negative ion generator on the fan can improve the air quality very well.


Ultraviolet rays can effectively sterilize and sterilize the fan and the passing airflow. Negative ions have better air purification effect, eliminate smoke smell and have a certain sterilization effect.

Product Introduction

The negative ion car space sterilization and purification fan is different from the traditional exhaust fan. While ventilating the car, the circulating air is sterilized and disinfected by ultraviolet rays, and negative ions are introduced into the air flow. Haze and dust particles sink to prevent inhalation. The device is equipped with a switch that can be turned off when not needed. Ultraviolet + negative ion ventilation can significantly improve the air quality in the car and protect human respiratory health.


In order to explain the details of the product, the illustrations in this manual are sometimes in the state of removing the cover or safety cover. When using this product, please be sure to install the shell or cover according to the regulations and follow the instructions.

The illustrations in this instruction manual are for illustration only, and may differ from the product you ordered, please refer to the actual product.

Due to product upgrades or specification changes, and to improve the convenience and accuracy of the manual, the contents of this manual will be changed in time.

If you need to order the instruction manual due to damage or loss, please contact our regional agents, or directly contact our customer service center.

If you still have some problems in use, please contact our customer service center.

Product Features

The same fan appearance integrates UV and negative ion functions, which can be adapted to the existing elevator structure design.

More than 300,000 negative ions are produced (units: * 106pcs/cm3).

The fan has switch control.

When the fan starts, it will generate negative ions and turn on the ultraviolet rays.

The design of hidden ultraviolet ray will not touch the human body and ensure safety and harmlessness.

High performance cost ratio.

Full performance reliability test.

Security definition:

In this manual, safety precautions are divided into the following three categories:

Danger: If the relevant requirements are not followed and the corresponding measures are not taken, it may result in serious personal injury or even death.

Warning: If the relevant requirements are not followed and no corresponding measures are taken, there is a potential hidden danger of electric shock, which may cause serious personal injury or even death.

Note: If the relevant requirements are not followed and the corresponding measures are not taken, it may result in mild or moderate personal injury and equipment damage.

Attention: The content of the attention sign is to hope that the user pays enough attention. If the user ignores this attention, there may be undesirable results or conditions.

” Danger ” , ” Warning ” and ” Note ” in this section are for your safety, and are a protective measure taken to prevent damage to the device or parts connected to it. Please read this chapter carefully before using this product, and be sure to follow the safety precautions required in this chapter. Any injuries and losses caused by illegal operations have nothing to do with the company.